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What to expect?

For many people their only experience of counselling will have been on TV or at the movies but this is often a far cry from reality.  We all have times when things are bothering us, when we feel stressful, anxious, when we've lost someone we're close to or when a relationship is not working out as we'd hoped and sometimes, most times in fact, we're able to rationalise things and get on with life perfectly well without counselling but for some people the hill is too steep to climb or the prospect of confronting their issues in the first place is just too daunting.  This is when counselling can really help. But what is counselling?

Talking therapy

sunflowerPut simply, counselling in all its forms is a talking therapy.  It's about talking through your problems, issues or feelings with a non-judgmental, empathetic person in a safe, secure and confidential environment.  For the therapist it's about listening, prompting and asking reflective questions to help you relax and be able to express yourself.  Of course, for some people, it's difficult to discuss their innermost feelings and thoughts but this is where the skills and training of the therapist  comes in to play to help you express yourself in a totally non-threatening and gentle way.  So if it's just about talking, why can't people just talk to a close friend?  Well, some do but most are unable to for a variety of reasons, perhaps there is no one or perhaps they are just too close or you feel they will judge you or worst still, betray your confidence but the real problem is that the friend you try to talk to will invariably offer advice and want to help fix your problem - it's a human condition.  This can frequently exacerbate your stresses, anxieties, worries or negative feelings which actually makes things worse for you. Could've, would've and should've are the worse words you can say to someone who needs a little help but those are just the sort of words used by friends to try to help.

Perhaps not what you think

Many people are quite surprised to learn that your therapist doesn't offer you advice.  They won't tell you what you should do or how to do it.  Sure, they may offer you advice on how to think about your issues and techniques for dealing with them but they will never offer direct advice.  Instead, they will help you talk, think with clarity and discover your own solutions over-time.

How long will it take?

The first time we meet I will assess your needs and make a recommendation as to how many sessions will be required and at what interval.  This is a starting point and we may find that as we progress you may like to have fewer or more sessions.  Typically each session will last 50 minutes to one hour and the number of sessions you require is down to individual needs.

How much will it cost?

Introductory session, which will allow us to explore your needs with you and discuss whether counselling is the best solution, Appointments cost at £40.00 an hour.  Evening appointments available on request.

Student counsellor rates are also available.

"Counselling is your opportunity to be listened to without judgement or criticism. You will be supported in finding the solution that is within you, and given the time and guidance to achieve this. This is the opportunity that comes from counselling".

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  • Mental health awareness workshops in the workplace
  • Home visits available for those unable to leave their homes


  • Accredited member of the National Counselling Society
  • Registered Member MBACP
  • FD Counselling
  • Certificate in Health and Social Care
  • CPCAB Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling
  • Located in Kent
  • Skype sessions available

"We all need the time and space to sometimes identify what the root cause is to our problems.  We all have the ability within ourselves to find a solution to those problems, we just need the environment that allows us to stop in our busy lives to explore and find this. I provide that environment".